Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birth Announcement

This link will take you to his birth announcement in the Plattsmouth Journal. The same one will be printed in the West News next week.

Day 12

We took Noah to his second doc appt today and he now weights 9lbs 2 oz. So he's gained 5 oz in a week which is great! An oz a day is typical. Everything else looked great and he won't go back for 6 weeks now which will be his 2 month check up. I also learned that boys take the mom's side of the family apparently so maybe his size and length come from my bro and Dad...He certainly has big hands!

Our days are pretty routine...he eats and then I try to keep him up as long as possible which is sometimes an hour and sometimes he's already out before he's done eating! Then in 2.5-3 hours we do it all again even throught the night! Sure makes the days go fast. I try to enjoy each moment as I know it will fly by. I'm surprised he's already almost 2 weeks old! I try to nap atleast once with him during the day if not twice otherwise I'm pretty wiped out...I've always loved my sleep so this is definitely a new change for me. But seeing him makes it all worth it and I just keep telling myself this too shall pass...hopefully in a few more weeks!