Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Noah's crawling!

He started crawling within the last few days. It's more like an army crawl, push up to hands and legs and plop down style. Then repeat! It's very cute and he usually goes for things like the dogs tail before he'll crawl to me! But he opens his mouth real big and looks so determined on his way...Still waiting for his second bottom tooth to come through. He goes for his 6 month checkup tomorrow.

I'm babysitting for a friend this week and her little girl is going to be 2 in November. Noah absolutely loves watching her and she is so good to him, taking him toys and talking to him. I think he is in love. He just smiles so big at her for no reason! Love it!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Noah is 6 months old Aug 21st!

This picure pretty much sums up Noah's general attitude! I love it!
Here's some things my big boy is doing:

  • rolling all over the place

  • laughing, which melts my heart every time!

  • smiling ALWAYS! Everyone who meets him tells me he's such a happy boy!

  • grunting as a form of communication...and lots of squealing of course!

  • grabbing anything and everything

  • sitting up all by himself

  • getting up on his knees and hands, but not quite figured out the forward motion to crawl. I'm expecting that anyday!

  • he wakes up in his crib and plays until I hear him. Usually with his blankets or pacifier.

  • loves it when I sing to him

  • acts like he's reading books with us

  • loving his jonny jump up although he's more of a swinger at this point. I'm hoping he'll figure out the jump part soon!

We are loving each day with this blessing in our lives! I'm getting ready to substitute teach a few days a week and let the little one stay home with Daddy a few days. Other than that we're gearing up for Husker season of course!