Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter pics!

noah talking!

Noah is 2 months old!

We went to the Doctor yesterday. Noah weighs 12lbs 3 oz and is almost 25 inches long. He's def. getting too long for his 0-3 months gowns/nighties so we knew he was long! His height is in the 95th percentile, but our doctor is convinced that doesn't mean who knows! He screamed when he got his shots of course. 2 on one thigh and one on the other...I did okay, just watery eyes! Taking off the bandaids was also not so fun for the poor little guy...but we made it!

He is starting to coo lots and even giggle! He smiles a TON so that always makes our day! It's all very exciting for us both to see! He is sleeping better. Bedtimes have been pretty early like 7 so I'm gradually trying to keep him up later like til 9 so he will not wake up but one time. Last night he didn't have his last nap til 5 so needless to say it was very easy to keep him up til 9 after that. Then he only woke up once to eat at 1 and then slept til 6 so that was great!